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Teaching Strategy


At The Presidential School, our vision centers around creating an educational ecosystem that nurtures and empowers students to excel academically and personally. Our teaching strategy is a reflection of this vision, encompassing the core principles of our institution.

Grades 1 to 12

General Information

The Presidential School is a Co-educational School with three campuses offering world class education that helps your child follow their dreams.

Course of Study

The School follows the NCERT Curriculum prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education and the SSC Curriculum in accordance with the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Curriculum- Core Component

Language Arts

Children learn both - to read and develop a love for reading which is a skill for life.


They become problem solvers by learning about patterns, number concepts, comparisons, sets mathematical operations, 3-D Objects, graphs and basic measurements

Science and technology

hildren learn about nature the natural world through curiosity, observations and practical application.

Creative Activity

Through activities children learn to express and describe their responses to fine arts.

Physical skills and well being

Awareness of health and safety groom them into healthy future citizens.

Personal and Social Awareness

They learn to share, respect and understand others.

Learning Everywhere


An Art Space where children express their ideas and feelings through paintings and drawings.


This imaginative space helps children transform into fairies and kings, goblins and characters for plays and drama.

Power Zone

A learning space buzzing with puzzles and games that help children share, think, solve and develop motor and mental skills.


A very significant learning space where children feel encouraged to listen and read, enriching their word power.


Children learn to solve, count, classify, and learn numbers and patterns in this creative Mathematical space.

Grow with Nature

It is here that children experiment with water and sand to enhance sensory development and social skills.

Adapting to Teaching Methods

  • We adapt our teaching strategies to Student needs and explore Learning with-
  • Knowledge Partners Byjus and Tata Class Edge
  • Knowledge Partners Univariety- a world class career and college  guidance support team
  • Meticulous planning and division of Syllabus
  • Intensive Coaching , Study Hours and Extra Coaching catering to student needs
  • Regular Assessments and Assignments
  • Technology and digitized classrooms,   Visual Aids and Smart classes
  • Creativity and Innovation  in classrooms
  • Research and Data
  • Field trips ,  Study tours and an ‘out there’ ,  approach to learning.
  • Abacus and Competitive Exam Practice.
  • French Language
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