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At Love Dale, we hold the belief that there’s nothing more precious than our children. Our mission at Love Dale Pre-School is to ignite a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and knowledge in young minds, laying the cornerstone for their future success within the formal education system.

Key Features of Our Early Childhood Program at Love Dale:

Child-Centered Learning: Our program places children at the center of their learning journey, fostering an environment that is safe, nurturing, and dedicated to their growth.

Holistic Development: We are committed to educating the whole child, addressing their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs. Our curriculum integrates subjects to create a dynamic and stimulating learning experience that encourages creativity, imagination, and self-expression.

Empowering Learners: We inspire young minds to take risks and recognize their own capabilities, nurturing self-confidence and competence. We respect diverse learning styles and stages of development at all times.

Methodology – Learning Through Experience and Exploration:

As children step into our school, they come equipped with a natural curiosity and eagerness for learning. Our curriculum aligns with this innate enthusiasm, amplifying it further through a diverse range of stimulating and enjoyable experiences.

We believe that learning should be an adventure, and our approach reinforces and builds upon this positive attitude. By offering varied, engaging experiences, we help children acquire not only knowledge and skills but also a profound love for learning. These foundations, formed during their time at Love Dale, provide the springboard for effective learning in their later years of schooling.

Our program goes beyond academics; it’s an exciting journey where children develop a positive self-image, celebrating their unique identities and cultural heritage. We encourage each child to be true to themselves and embrace their individuality, nurturing a sense of pride and belonging.

Teachers ensure that Learning Expectations are met

Our dedicated teachers play a crucial role in ensuring that learning expectations are not only met but exceeded. They are the architects of our students’ educational journey, fostering competence in Language, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Technology through systematic development. Teachers integrate subject knowledge into a diverse range of active techniques tailored to the developmental stages of our young learners.

Children learn through Direct Sensory Experience

At Love Dale, we understand that children learn best through direct sensory experiences. They engage with the world by manipulating, exploring, and experimenting with real objects. Learning is an active process for them, and they are naturally curious about the world around them. As they play, they clarify information, integrate ideas, explore, and experiment. Play is not just a pastime; it’s an opportunity for children to expand their knowledge, acquire new skills, and practice familiar ones. Through play, children also learn to manage their emotions, interact with peers and adults, foster their imagination and creativity, and develop problem-solving skills.

Curriculum – Core Components

Language Arts

Our program places a special emphasis on Language Arts. Here, children not only learn how to read but also develop a lifelong love for reading, a skill that opens the door to endless learning opportunities. Through this, children gain confidence and the essential skills to become lifelong learners.


We empower children to become problem-solvers. Our mentors teach mathematics in a way that helps children understand patterns in their environment, grasp number concepts, make comparisons, work with sets, and perform basic formal operations such as addition and subtraction. They also explore concepts related to 3-D objects, create simple graphs, and delve into basic measurements.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology activities kindle children’s curiosity about the natural world. Children learn to identify cycles in nature through observation and practical application.

Creative Activity

In creative activities, children develop an understanding of color, shape, and the use of various media to express their ideas. They also learn to describe their responses to music, art, drama, and dance.

Physical Skills and Well Being

We focus on nurturing physical skills such as balance and flexibility while fostering an awareness of health and safety rules. Our aim is to prepare children to become healthy and responsible citizens of the future.

Personal and Social Awareness

Children learn essential values such as sharing, respect, active listening, and empathy. They also take on responsibilities, helping them grow into responsible individuals.

Learning Centres in the Classroom

Our early childhood program at Love Dale features a variety of learning spaces designed for independent, small group, and large group activities. Recognizing that children have diverse needs and interests, we have created specialized learning centers to cater to their individual preferences.

Art Centre

Here, children have access to painting and drawing materials, scissors, glue, tape, and various types of paper to explore and express their feelings and ideas through creative artistry.

Dramatic Play Centre

This area provides props that allow children to step into various roles, from homemakers to doctors or shopkeepers. Puppets and dress-up clothes encourage imaginative play and character exploration.

Game Centre

Our game center offers puzzles and tabletop games that promote sharing, critical thinking, problem-solving, fine motor skill development, and cognitive agility.

Library and Listening Centre

Children have access to a selection of books and tapes, enriching their vocabulary and nurturing their love for reading and storytelling.

Mathematics Centre

In this center, children engage with manipulative materials that enable them to sort, count, classify, measure, and develop a keen sense of numbers and mathematical concepts.

This comprehensive approach ensures that children at Love Dale Pre-School receive a well-rounded education that stimulates their curiosity, fosters creativity, and equips them with the skills needed for a lifetime of learning and success.

Music Centre

Our Music Centre is a hub of creativity, where children explore the world of sound, tempo, and rhythm. Simple musical instruments, some crafted by the children themselves, encourage experimentation and discovery.

Sand and Water Centre

At the Sand and Water Centre, children engage in hands-on learning with cups, spoons, funnels, and buckets. This space allows them to measure, experiment with volume, and enhance sensory development while also fostering social skills.

Science and Exploration Centre

In our Science and Exploration Centre, children share and examine found treasures, which may include rocks, nests, insects, bones, and shells. Tools such as magnets, balance books, and magnifying glasses empower children to observe and investigate the natural world around them.

Writing Centre

Our Writing Centre is where young minds put their thoughts into words. Stocked with paper, pencils, markers, and crayons, it’s a space for creative expression and early literacy development. Even our youngest learners begin telling stories through drawings, and teachers assist in transcribing dictated narratives.

Large Motor Skills

Indoor and outdoor play areas are dedicated to enhancing large motor skills through games and physical activities. These spaces encourage active play and physical development.

Age Criterion

Toddlers : 2 + years
Junior Kindergarten : 3 + years
Senior Kindergarten: 4 + years

The Love Dale Staff

The Love Dale Early Learning Centre provides child-centered qualified staff, who come equipped with in-depth training.

The Love Dale System of Assessment

We assess a child’s progress using The Love Dale System of Assessment, which is based on their daily performance both at the center and in the classroom. Each child has a personalized journal maintained by the teacher, allowing for continuous qualitative assessment.

The Love Dale Academic Year

Our academic year at Love Dale follows the Indian calendar, spanning from April to March. We align our academic schedule with the Indian education system, ensuring a seamless transition for our young learners

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Love Dale

At Love Dale, we believe that there is nothing more important than our children. The goal of our play school in Vizag is to establish an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge in young learners that will serve as a foundation for future success in the formal education system.

The early childhood program at Lovedale focuses on

Self Expression

Self Expression


Our program is designed to educate a child, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Diverse learning styles and stages of development are respected at all times. Teachers ensure that learning expectations are met and children learn through direct sensory experience

Our Facilities

Dramatic Play Center

This area provides the children with props for knowing more about a house, hospital or store. There are also puppets and dress-up clothes for imaginative play.

Creative Activity

Children will understand colour, shape, and use of media to express ideas. They will be able to describe responses to music, art, drama and dance.

Games Center

There are puzzles and table games for the children to share, think, solve and develop their motor skills

Science & Technology

Usage of science and technology help children demonstrate curiosity about the natural world, identifying cycles in nature using techniques of observations

Language Arts

Children develop a love for reading which is an important skill in life. Reading is an enabler which opens the door to learning. The child gains confidence and acquires skills needed to become a life long learner

Music center

The simple musical instruments, which may have been made by the children or purchased. and the materials available to produce sound, encourage the children to experiment with sound, tempo and rhythm

Arts Center

This center has painting and drawing materials, scissors, glue, tape and a variety of papers to allow the children to explore and express their feelings and ideas

Library & Listening Centre

Books and tapes are available to read and to listen enhancing literary, creative and reading –listening skills.

Mathematics Center

Children will become problem-solvers. They will learn about patterns in the environment, number concepts, comparisons, sets, basic formal operations, 3-D objects, simple graphs and basic measurements.

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