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Facilities and Extra Curricular Activities- 

Besides general Academics, good 21st century facilities have proven to have a profound impact on our students performance and growth in achievement .Such facilities serve a large number of children with complex needs- 

These are addressed below-

  • Clubs- At, The Presidential,  Literary, Social and Science Clubs  help build communication skills, creativity , teamwork and leadership in students .
  • Music help our children express themselves
  • Computer Labs add value to Education and hones performance
  • Dance helps in better coordination, agility and flexibility
  • Libraries are well equipped where wisdom is treasures and enriched
  • State of Art Laboratories enhance their  mastery in subjects like Science and Mathematics
  • Seminars , Webinars,  workshops and Career Fests provide opportunities for networking with entrepreneurs , experts and universities.
  • Knowledge Partner Univariety- a world class career  guidance support team guides Secondary and Sr, Secondary Students to make best career choices.
  • Physical training and games , assorted with Sports like Lawn Tennis, Roller Skating, Football, Volleyballs, Basketball, Yoga and indoor games and sports minimize sedentary activities and define our students discipline and character. 
  • Awards , Recognition and Scholarships .
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